From surround sound to the best video experience, learn how Samsung NEO QLED TV will make your Diwali more special

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What do we all want from our television? The answer to this question has changed significantly over the years. Today we are blessed with best-in-class cinematic experience, never-before-seen color contrast, powerful surround sound and an all-inclusive television that delivers the most immersive and entertaining experience. Like the company has been fulfilling the expectations of the users for a long time. With the launch of the NEO QLED TV, Samsung is taking television development to the next level and promises the brightest picture and color experience possible. The tech group believes that good things never end but they get better. Samsung NEO QLED TVs have evolved into future televisions, equipped with services like Quantum Mini LEDs, 100% color volume, up to 64X Quantum HDR and Neo Quantum processors. Confused after reading all these technical things? Let’s see what this latest QLED TV available in 4K and 8K really brings to the users.

1. Enjoy LIT TV to the fullest with Quantum Mini LEDs-

How many times has it happened to you that the picture suddenly gets blurry when you are watching an entertaining movie? This case is commonly referred to as picture blooming. In fact, it reduces your viewing experience and spoils your overall mood. But with the NEO QLED TV, you can say goodbye to this hassle thanks to the Quantum Matrix Technology Pro. Samsung uses Quantum Mini LEDs to achieve this feat, which are 40 times smaller than your typical LED. In simple words, you can enjoy every single picture to the fullest crystal clear picture quality.

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2. Step into the world in cinema with 100% color volume-

Now as your screen will always be lit with Mini LEDs all the time, you need to check to see if the color balance is working on your television. Why does this matter, you ask? Well, 100 percent color volume ensures that the pictures and scenery you see on your television look just as real to you. 100% color volume with Quantum Dot technology ensures that all your pictures are vibrant and give you a more immersive and immersive experience. In other words, this feature will ensure that all your mountain views and flower-filled valleys in your favorite Bollywood movies really make you feel the place. Who wouldn’t want a virtual tour of Switzerland now?

3. Quantum HDR: For the best theater-like experience at home

One of the most important things for a great theater experience is the high-definition picturization that allows us to see every detail on the screen with great ease. In this you will be given the same experience, for which you will not even need to leave the house. Let us tell you that thanks to the Quantum HDR present on the Samsung NEO QLED TV, you can get the next level experience in your television. If you understand in common language, then it is much better than the experience found in HD TV. This feature ensures that you get the best experience while watching television with the perfect balance of brightness and contrast with perfect color pop.

4. Neo Quantum Processor – Picture quality will be the brightest

Neo Quantum Processor is the most important feature of this TV, thanks to which you get the brightest picture quality in Samsung NEO QLED TV and your TV viewing experience is greatly enhanced. Samsung NEO QLED TV can be bought in 4k and 8k variants which means that you can choose the option according to your need. Thanks to this feature, you can get theater-like picture quality on your television that too from the comfort of your own home. Samsung has used Cutting Edge AI technology in this television which proves to be helpful in giving the best picture quality.

5. Sounds That Will Captivate Your Viewing Experience We all miss seeing the picture and getting lost in it. Surround sounds that make you feel like you are in a war or tunes that will make you dance. Samsung took care of this and ensured that you can enjoy the cinematic experience in a safe way at home. Samsung NEO QLED TV dons OTS pro (Object Tracking Sound Pro) gives your TV special surround sound, just like it used to be found in cinema halls in the olden times. How to ask? Notably, the Samsung NEO QLED TV has built-in speakers that ensure that the sound travels from every direction to create an aura in your living room. But Samsung did not stop there. With Q-symphony the audio coming from your Samsung NEO QLED TV syncs perfectly with the Samsung Soundbar. This ensures that you get the perfect sound experience. Ultimately, the NEO QLED uses SpaceFit sound technology from Samsung to combine the brightest display and best-in-class sound experience with great design. This feature checks your room where the TV is placed and automatically adjusts the settings to give you the best audio experience. With all these features, Samsung NEO QLED TV gives you the experience of theater at home. Samsung NEO QLED 8K TVs are available in three sizes: 65”, 75”, and 85” and 4K is available in five sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”, 85” & 98”. The starting price of 8K is Rs 364,990 and the price of 4K is Rs 1,60,990. Samsung NEO QLED TV is without a doubt the most beautiful appliance that will completely transform your viewing experience. This festive season there are many such features that you can experience by bringing this dream TV home. Surprising deals are available on Samsung NEO QLED TV. Samsung, on its part, has ensured that the consumers always get the best. Now whether it is the quality of their products or the deals or offers to buy it. And yes, you are getting some really great deals in this. You can get a free soundbar up to Rs 1,04,900 with your selected TV. Along with this, Samsung is also offering a 3-year complete warranty and 10-year no screen burn-in warranty with select NEO QLED TVs. The brand is also offering 20 percent cashback on select bank credit cards. Its EMI starts from Rs 1990. If you are also excited after reading all these offers and features, then to know more about Samsung NEO QLED TVs Disclaimer: This article has been created by the Navbharat Times team of Times Internet on behalf of Samsung.

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