‘Gandhi family didn’t get commission, so didn’t buy Rafale’, BJP retaliates

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e Delhi
The BJP on Sunday hit out at the Congress for questioning the Rafale deal and questioned why its government did not procure fighter jets for 10 years despite the IAF’s reduction in squadron strength. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra questioned whether it was because the Gandhi family did not get their desired commission. The Congress party has questioned the silence of the BJP government after French officials ordered a probe into corruption and profiteering in the multi-billion fighter jet deal. In response, Patra said that when the Congress party accuses others of endangering national security, it does not look right. He questioned, ‘Congress should answer that for 10 years, despite the low squadron strength of the Indian Air Force, why did the Congress government not procure the much needed Rafale fighter jets? Is it because the Gandhi family did not get their desired commission? It is astonishing that the Congress has once again adopted the path of saying wrong things,” the BJP spokesperson said, abusing the Prime Minister and talking about his face and beard. Congress adopted the same strategy of abusing Modi ji during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections too…we saw the result then…if they still want to experiment with the same ‘toolkit’ they are welcome… The people of this country will give a befitting reply to Rahul Gandhi and Congress. Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera alleged that the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks loudly about national security, but the country’s security interests when it comes to helping its “capitalist friends”. He is not weak in his eyes. Patra said the pricing, procurement process and all other aspects of the deal have been examined by both the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and the Supreme Court. Patra said, “The judgment in India has come from the supreme symbol of justice. The allegations of Congress seem hollow and there is no merit in it. Patra alleged that Congress is lying about a tender during his rule? Explaining the process, he said that there is a difference between an offer and a deal/tender. “If there was a tender during the UPA regime, why was the fighter jet not procured? It is clear that the Congress is again trying its best to do what it can… to create confusion so that the forces in opposition to India can benefit.’ The Congress has sought to know the role of a key functionary of the Indian government now that France’s Public Prosecution Service (PNF) has opened an investigation into corruption charges against the former president, who was one of the parties to the deal. But why is no inquiry being ordered? Pawan Khera said, ‘Congress demands that an impartial Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) should be constituted immediately and every aspect of the Rafale deal should be investigated. The people of India deserve to know the truth.

[Attribution to NBT]

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