German Foreign Minister lost the bet of beer, had bet against England in Euro Cup

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In the Euro Cup 2020, two tremendous teams clashed on Tuesday night. England and Germany were face to face. Even though there was a tussle between the players on the field, but outside the field, the reputation of the respected was at stake. In fact, the foreign ministers of both the countries had placed a beer bet on the victory of their respective teams. However, the challenger, German Foreign Minister Heiko Paas, was disappointed as his country lost the knockout match 0-2.

both were at the summitThe one-day summit was held in the southern Italian city of Matera, where foreign ministers from 20 major economies from around the world attended. Heiko Pass from Germany and Dominic Raab from England reached here. There is a tremendous passion for football in both the countries. Amid major diplomatic talks, Germany’s Foreign Minister Raab tweeted: “My colleagues from the United Kingdom and I agree on almost every matter in international affairs, but not on who will win tonight at Wembley.” So, how about a little bet? The winner will get one carat of beer. Germany did not lose their last seven matches at Wembley. British minister Dominic Raab also responded by accepting the challenge. After the end of the match, Heiko Paas, in another tweet, not only congratulated England on the victory but also assured to drink beer.

Coach Southgate wound upGareth Southgate, the current coach of the England football team, was in the field as a player in the semi-finals of Euro 25 years ago. Then in that match against Germany, he missed a penalty and his team was eliminated. Southgate’s 1996 wound has now healed when the English team under his coaching defeated arch-rivals Germany 2-0 to reach the quarter-finals of Euro 2020.

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Both goals came in the second halfIn this match played in the presence of spectators at Wembley Stadium, Raheem Sterling opened the account for England in the 75th minute in the second half after leaving the first half goalless. 11 minutes later, Captain Harry Kane scored another goal to almost ensure his team’s victory. With this win, the English team remained unbeaten in the 10th match in a row. There was no goal in the last 540 minutes of the game against the English team.

[Attribution to NBT]

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