Hi-Tech Robbers! Watch the young man with Apple Watch, looted a bag full of cash of Rs 3 crore as soon as he got a chance

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A group of robbers in the US have robbed $500,000 (about Rs 3 crore) in cash from a person using an Apple Watch. The robbery took place in Connecticut last year, but the details of the incident were made public a few days ago. Apple Watch was always considered as a life saving device as there have been several incidents of smartwatches alerting users about their serious heart conditions. However, this may be one of the first incidents where an Apple Watch was used to commit a robbery.

The whole incident was done like thisAccording to the New York Post, in January 2020, a group of seven people carried out a robbery in Hartford, Connecticut. The robbers first saw the victim, believing that the victim was a “drug dealer”. To chase down the victim, they placed an Apple Watch under the bumper of his car. Thereafter, they traced his hotel room and managed to escape with the cash. After tracking down the car, one of the robbers smashed the car window with a gun, hoping to find a bag full of $500,000 in cash. But they could not find anything inside the car. “All of this information is supported by detailed cell site location data, which includes the Apple Watch and the Defendant’s phone,” prosecutors wrote. Federal prosecutors revealed that the leader of a group of robbers first bought an Apple Watch and linked it to his AT&T account. The Apple Watch was then placed under the bumper of the victim’s car. The incident happened in January 2020, at that time, the Apple Watch was the only handy device that could be used to track people. Apple Airtags, which are specifically designed to track objects, people, were not launched then.

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how to track with apple watchSo if you are wondering how they can track a victim using Apple Watch. All you need to know is that it is very easy to track Apple Watch using Find My app on iPhone. If you never want to lose your Apple Watch, you can set up Find My iPhone on your iPhone, it’s automatically enabled on your Apple Watch and can be paired to any Apple Watch using Family Setup. So if ever your Apple Watch is lost or stolen, you can use Find My to help you find it again. Interestingly, there’s an Activation Lock, which asks for your Apple ID and password before erasing your device.

what the company saidApple says, “When you use Find My, your Apple Watch with GPS and Cellular can use GPS and a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular connection to show you its approximate location. With GPS The Apple Watch can use GPS and a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Since the Apple Watch Series 1 doesn’t have GPS, you’ll see the location of your compatible iPhone or its Wi-Fi connection.

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