Hospital has become a business… referring to mafia links, SC said – will not tolerate

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New Delhi The government has stayed the notification of the Gujarat government, which said that the hospitals which do not have permission to use the building, will not be acted upon. Expressing displeasure over this, the Supreme Court said that instead of saving people in the Kovid epidemic, we are killing them in fire. The Supreme Court said that people are ‘travelling’, we will not tolerate it. The notification was issued on 8 July 2021. In this, it was said that there will be an exemption for three months from 31 December 2021 for taking building use permission. The matter came before the Supreme Court after the Gujarat hospital fire incident. A bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud of the Supreme Court said that we cannot cure all the ills of Indian society, but as a judge, we will do whatever we can to establish the rule of law. The Supreme Court said that it is the responsibility of the state government to see the patient. All the state governments have converted the places into hospitals. But, endangering the lives of people in this name cannot be justified. The Supreme Court said that there is a mafia link between the building development authority and the law enforcement agency. People are suffering. We will not tolerate this.

The Supreme Court said – what is all this happening?The Supreme Court said that it cannot happen that hospitals start running from small buildings where the rules are not followed. The court said that if even two rooms are converted into a hospital under the building use permission, then permission is required for this. Justice MR Shah said that the Gujarat government has brought a notification and under it, in a way, it has banned the action against hospitals and buildings running without building use permission. What is all this happening? Justice Shah said that the hospital investment has been done. If you look at the guidelines of ICMR, if it is implemented, then 80 percent of the hospitals will be closed. The Supreme Court said that when the court is saying about building use permission and fire NOC, what were you doing? Justice Shah said that hospitals have become investment arenas.

What was said in the notification?
The Supreme Court said that the Gujarat government had issued a notification under the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act 1976. According to this, buildings which are without building use permission or which do not have valid building use permission or which do not meet other standards are exempted from action for three months. The Supreme Court stayed the notification.

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