Houthi rebels punished the killers of children in Yemen, shot with AK-47 in the middle of the crossroads

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Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen’s capital Sanaa have given Taliban punishment to the killers of children. These rebels, who had captured the capital Sanaa, took the three accused to a crowded square and gunned them down. After death, the bodies of these people were wrapped in carpets and removed from there. During this the security guards posted were laughing at those accused. This is the first time since 2018 in Yemen that a criminal has been publicly executed.

The accused were wearing jail clothes
The accused in the murder have been identified as Ali al-Nami, 40, Abdullah al-Makhli, 38, and Mohammed Arman, 33. All three were residents of Yemen. All three were wearing jail blue jumpsuits when they were taken to Tahrir Square in Sana’a. After a while these people were made to lie face to face on a carpet.

AK-47 shot the accused in the back
Dressed in green army uniform and black gloves in front of a crowd of hundreds, the executioner fired alternately at the back of the three with AK-47s. These accused died instantly due to bullets of deadly rifles like AK-47 from so close. After death, their bodies were wrapped in a red carpet and taken to another place. Witnesses said the executioner was smiling while shooting.

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Yemen’s first public death since 2018
It is being told that this was the first case of a public death sentence in the capital Sanaa since August 2018. After the shooting, the rebels hung the bodies of these three in the air for some time with the help of cranes. This was done to create fear among the people about the crime.

Civil war continues in Yemen for three years
In Yemen, the forces of coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia are fighting a war with Houthi rebels. 130,000 people have died in Yemen during this war. Many international organizations allege that most of the dead include children and women. This war has given rise to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen. These rebels continue to carry out drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabian oil depots and refineries from the Yemen border.

Houthi reject Saudi ceasefire offer
In March this year, Saudi Arabia offered a ceasefire to the Houthi rebels. However, fighting around the city of Marib continues, with the rebels turning down the offer. He says that he will consider any proposal only after the capture of this city. So far more than a thousand people have died in these clashes. Most of those who died here are residents of the city of Marib.

[Attribution to NBT]

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