How Dangerous Were Ice Age Puppies? Rhinos used to make their prey, remains found in stomach

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Small dog puppies are the first choice of humans in pets. They are very sweet and playful nature. Often puppies eat or lick whatever they see. Whether it is garbage or human food plates. The puppies of the Ice Age were also not much different from this. A few days ago a study came out in which scientists made revelations about the life of ancient dogs.

questions before scienceThe results of this research surprised the scientists. Scientists have found a fragment of an Ice Age rhinoceros inside the stomach of a puppy mummy. It is extremely rare to find a sample of another animal inside the stomach of an animal. This will help scientists understand how the hunter-gatherer instincts were among the ancient creatures. However, this discovery has raised new questions in front of science, how did a piece of rhinoceros get into the stomach of a puppy?

effects of climate change on organismsThe discovery was announced in August in the journal Current Biology. It came out as part of a larger study showing how climate change affected ice age animals. During this research, scientists found the mummy of a puppy named Tumat after the place where it was found in Siberia. The study’s first author, Edana Lord, reported that an artifact was discovered inside the puppy’s abdomen.

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animal inside animal extremely unusualIn the past, the remains of plants were found in the stomachs of preserved ancient creatures but it was a ‘organism’. “As far as we know, it is extremely unusual and impossible to find a piece of another animal in the stomach of an animal,” he said. The pups and rhinoceros specimens were so well preserved that scientists could thoroughly analyze both. These samples were buried in permafrost. According to Lord, this layer of soil acts like a freezer.

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