‘I belong to a respectable family, can’t run away’, Aryan Khan said all this for bail in court

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Aryan Khan, son of Shahrukh Khan, who is trapped in the drugs case, has been taken to Arthur Road Jail amid the hearing on bail. Aryan’s lawyer Satish Manshinde () is representing him in the court. Satish Manshinde told the court that Aryan Khan’s background is not related to any criminal case. Whatever inquiries were made of him, he helped. No drugs were recovered from them. Whenever there is a need for interrogation, Aryan will be present. They should be granted bail. Satish Manshinde, quoting Aryan, said in the court, ‘I am 23 years old and I do not have any old criminal background. I am a part of Bollywood, so I went to the International Terminal. When I reached there, NCB asked me if I had drugs, I refused. They searched me, searched my bag, my clothes, they took my phone. He thought he would get something so that he could interrogate me. Apart from the first day’s questioning, no interrogation has taken place with me.

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Manshinde further quoted Aryan as saying, ‘Nothing new has come in the case in the last five days. Achit’s name was revealed earlier in the day’s interrogation, but NCB took its time and remanded Achit Kumar on Thursday. I belong to a respectable family, these are my parents, my siblings. I have Indian passport. My roots are in this society. I can’t run There is no question of tampering with evidence or tampering with the accused. My electronic evidence has been taken. Rest of the accused are also in custody. With these arguments and arguments, I end my speech.’


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‘Bail is granted if serious offense is not committed’
Satish Manshinde, while insisting on Aryan’s bail, said, “It is being argued that the custody is necessary because the interrogation of the other accused would be required face-to-face. This has already been rejected by the Supreme Court. Justice Krishna Iyer in one of his judgments has said that even in the absence of custody of the accused, he can be confronted and interrogated. The judgment has been considered time and again that the general tendency of the Court is to grant bail if no serious offense is committed. And nothing will come out because there is nothing.’

[Attribution to NBT]

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