‘I will not sell the country’, Congress took a jibe at PM Modi on the new plan to sell government properties, termed the decision as anti-national

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New Delhi The Modi government has made a new program to sell government properties soon. It has been named the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) programme. Under this program, the central government will raise money from the sale of infrastructure assets (infrastructure assets) in four years. These assets are worth about Rs 6 lakh crore. These include from rail, road, power sector to telecom, warehousing, airport, port, mining and stadium. The Congress has launched a scathing attack on this plan of the government. He has accused the Modi government of selling the country. Congress has taken a jibe at PM Narendra Modi and said, ‘He used to say – I will not let the country be sold. Now the country has understood who not to trust.

What is the government’s plan? Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) program on Monday. Under this, the government is preparing to raise money by selling different infrastructure assets like railways, electricity to roads. Under this, assets worth Rs 6 lakh crore will be sold. This sale will happen in 4 years. The Finance Minister has said that monetization of assets (raising money by selling properties) does not include the sale of land. It is a program involving the sale of existing assets (brownfield assets).

What is the purpose?The Finance Minister has said that asset monetization will help in increasing the valuation of assets. For this, projects have been identified in different sectors including Road, Rail, Power, Telecom, Mining, Power Generation, Ports, Stadium. The ownership of the assets would continue to be with the government and their control would have to be returned.

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Congress attack, told what it is selling?
Congress has attacked this plan of the government. He has alleged that the Modi government is engaged in selling off national assets. The Modi government is ready to hand over every sector from telecom to private hands. Congress has told that the government is going to sell 2.86 lakh km of BharatNet fiber, BSNL and MTNL towers under this program. Apart from this, it is also negotiating 160 coal mining projects, 761 mineral blocks along with 2 national stadiums. Assets of NHPC, NTPC and NLC will also be sold. Not only this, the government is also selling 26,700 km of national highways, 400 stations, 150 trains, railway tracks, 25 AAI airports.

Limits crossed
Congress said that the Modi government has crossed all limits. She has now come up with a plan to sell our national assets expeditiously. Ever since the Modi government took over, it has been busy selling the country’s properties. The eyes of the government are on the national assets, selling them and filling the treasury. The Congress alleged that the Modi government was engaged in selling off national assets. The Modi government is ready to hand over every sector from telecom to private hands. Instead of setting a policy for nation building, the central government is making a policy to sell the national assets. He should stop selling national wealth and focus on nation building. The government’s decision to sell national assets is anti-national. He has to understand that selling off national assets is not development.

[Attribution to NBT]

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