Ice Worms: Tiny black thread-like insects melting glaciers? Mystery remains in front of scientists

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Our world is full of more than one wonder. The reach of humans today is even beyond Mars, but a small creature found on Earth remains a mystery. These are the insects found in the snow, after which recently appeared in the Paradise Glacier in Washington, the discussion has intensified that how they have been studied very little. However, Washington State University glacier biologist Scott Hotling along with Peter Wimberger has been studying them for many years. These fine black thread-like insects hide in the ice in a cold environment like glaciers. They live comfortably at 0 °C but die when the temperature drops. These insects, which eat moss and bacteria, can survive for a year without eating anything. It is not yet known how they reached the snow and how they continue to grow in such conditions. It is interesting to study them because understanding the mysteries of life in such an environment can help in understanding the possible habitats of life like Mars. It is a matter of concern that glaciers around the world are melting. If these insects are not able to keep up with the changing environment, then they can also die. However, Scott also seems to have a possibility that due to these insects, the ice of the glaciers is not melting rapidly? Actually, it is believed that the snow melts faster due to the thick moss. These insects are also black in color, so it may be that they are also absorbing heat, which is melting the ice. However, no concrete information has been received about them so far and these insects remain an unresolved question of snowy peaks.

[Attribution to NBT]

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