If India wins the T20 World Cup, no one can remove Shastri from Team India’s coaching: Ritinder Singh Sodhi

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New Delhi
Ritinder Singh Sodhi believes that if Virat Kohli-led Indian team wins the T20 World Cup, Ravi Shastri will continue as the head coach of the team. It is a common discussion in the Indian cricket world these days that whatever be the outcome of the T20 World Cup, Shastri’s card is almost certain to be cut. Former all-rounder Sodhi believes that if Team India manages to win the T20 World title, it will ensure that Shastri continues as the coach of the team. In a conversation with India News, Sodhi said, “Of course, all these are just discussions. It would be wrong to say that Ravi Shastri has not done well. He’s done a pretty good job. But if the scale is to win trophies, then he has not done it. And if the Indian team wins the T20 World Cup, it will be impossible to remove Ravi Shastri. However, Sodhi also admitted that the pressure on Shastri is increasing. “He has done a really good job in the past and I think winning the trophy, which we have all been waiting for, will serve the purpose,” he said. Rahul bhai, on the other hand, has gone to Sri Lanka and the board has turned down the request to send two additional batsmen to England. This gives you different signals. If you ask me, I agree that there is pressure on Ravi bhai. Sodhi, however, believes that even if the Indian team does not win the T20 World Cup, Shastri should continue as the coach of the team.

[Attribution to NBT]

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