If there is no job then what Sunday, what Monday! Rahul Gandhi taunts BJP government on development

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New Delhi
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday attacked the government over the issue of employment, saying the gap between weekly off and working day has come to an end under the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) rule at the Center as “there are no jobs”. Gandhi tagged a media report on Twitter about the announcement of a major US automaker to stop producing cars in India.

Referred to the closure of 4000 small companies
The report quoted an industry insider as saying that as many as 4,000 small firms could close down. In a tweet in Hindi, Gandhi said, “The ‘development’ of the BJP government is such that the difference between Sunday-Monday has ended. The former Congress president said, “When there are no jobs, then what is Sunday, what is Monday.”

Concern was expressed about farmers’ debt

Earlier on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi had targeted the Modi government over the condition of farmers in the country. Referring to a news, Rahul had said that the debt has increased, not the income of farmers in the country. He had tweeted that the loan increased not the income of the farmer! What to do when the one who feeds the country cannot feed his family?’ In the news cited by Rahul Gandhi, it has been said that during 2013 to 2018, the average debt on farmer families increased by 57 percent.

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Three measures were suggested to remove unemployment
Earlier, on September 3, Rahul Gandhi had targeted the NDA government at the Center for unemployment. Rahul Gandhi had said that the central government does not want to solve unemployment. He wrote in the tweet that the biggest national issue is unemployment, which has some direct solutions – don’t sell PSU-PSB. Give financial help to MSMEs and not friends, think of the country.

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