If water goes into the speaker of the smartphone on Holi, then this website will fix itself in minutes.

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new Delhi. During Holi, it is seen that many people keep their smartphones in their pockets, but during playing Holi, water comes in contact with their smartphones and in such a situation the smartphone gets badly damaged. It is almost impossible to protect the smartphone from damage because once water gets into it, it gets damaged. Suppose that if the amount of water is less then the speaker of your smart phone would have got damaged because water goes into it. In such a situation, you may have to get it fixed by spending around ₹ 1000. If you want that there should be no such problem, then it is important to follow our tips because today we are going to tell you a method with the help of which the water which has gone into the speaker of the smartphone will come out automatically.

fix my speakers
If you want to completely fix it by removing the water trapped in the speaker of your smartphone, then you have to first visit this website. Now you will see a play button on the website which actually acts as a blower. If you want to completely drain the water from the speaker of your smartphone, then you have to go to this play button and click on it. After this the work of fixing your speaker starts. Actually, once you press this play button, your smartphone makes a loud sound which actually works to push out the water present inside the speaker. Once the water comes out completely from your smartphone speaker, this sound also stops and your smartphone will now work well.

[Attribution to NBT]

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