If you are unaware of these 9 safety tools of Instagram, then anyone can make abusive or lewd comments, read to stay safe

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Everyone wants to have millions of followers on Instagram, but many followers talk about such a thing that the front becomes uncomfortable. In fact, for most people, Instagram is a place to express themselves. Due to the global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, many people have especially taken to social media and Instagram to spread awareness, create relevant content and even try something different from their favorite activities. But if you are using or planning to use a platform, then you must know about its safety tools. Today, through this article, we are telling you about the top 9 safety tools of Instagram, which can be used to get a safe and overall experience on Instagram.
Let’s start:

1. ‘Restricting’ the account: The restrict setting allows other users to comment on your posts, but their comments cannot be seen by anyone other than the account holder. You can tap “See Comment” to view these comments and approve the comment so that everyone can see it. You can delete it and ignore it too. You will not receive any notification for comments from a restricted account. Similarly, you can choose to see or not see their comments from the Message Requests tab and the user will not know whether you have viewed their message or not.

2. Multi-Block: A New Way to Avoid Unwanted Contact: With multi-block (blocking more than one user), when you decide to block someone, you have their account and if they open a new account, they will have to block it already. There is an option to do. This makes it difficult for someone you’ve already blocked to contact you again through a new account.

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3. Limits: Limits allows people to hide comments and DMs received from accounts that are not following you and/or accounts that have recently followed you. This means that someone who is feeling a lot of trouble with many people or a lot, he can keep himself out of trouble with just a few taps while continuing the conversation with his much older community. You have the option to limit who (accounts that aren’t following you and/or who have followed you recently) and for how long.

4. Filtering Negative Comments: Instagram gives you the ability to filter the comments on your posts by manually selecting keywords or switching on the Offensive Comments filter. This controls the content you don’t want to see or associate with.

5. Hidden Words : Filtering out abusive messages: With this tool Instagram automatically filters out DM requests containing abusive words, phrases, idioms and emojis, so you never see them. The tool focuses on DM requests, as this is where people often receive abusive messages, unlike your regular DM inbox where you receive messages from your friends. You can sometimes turn on both comments and DM requests in a new dedicated section of your privacy settings called Hidden Words.

6. DM Reachability Controls: When people, especially women, receive tons of abusive comments and DMs on Instagram in the same way that they receive public figures and creators, the quick effect can be worse than a personal attack. This option of DM Reachability Controls, available for Business and Creator accounts, gives people the ability to set who can reach them over Direct Message for further privacy and security.

7. Sensitive Content Controls: Posts in ‘Sensitive Content’ do not necessarily violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines, but can be quite disturbing to someone. For example, posts can be obscene or violent. You can adjust the sensitive content controls (Settings >> Accounts >> Sensitive Content Control) to take control of such content. With this you will be able to see more or less some kind of sensitive content. Since everyone has their own different tastes to see and explore, this control gives you more options on what you see.

8. Option to hide the number of public ‘likes’: With this option, you can hide (invisible) the ‘like’ count on all posts in your feed. You also have the option to hide the number of ‘likes’ on your own posts so that others can’t see how many ‘likes’ your posts get. This way you can focus on the photos and videos being shared instead of how many ‘likes’ the posts get.

9. Defaulting of Under-16 Accounts as Private: Starting this month, everyone under the age of 16 who lives in India and joins Instagram will default to a private account with the feature. Private accounts give people the ability to control who can see and reply to their content. If you have a private account, people will need to follow you to see your posts, stories and reels unless you allow others to reshare your content. People also can’t comment on your content in those places and they won’t be able to see your content in places like Explore or hash tags. If you already have a public account on Instagram, there will be a notification in that case highlighting the benefits of private accounts and explaining how to change their privacy settings.

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