Imran Khan became ‘Bhasmasur’ for General Bajwa, clashed at the behest of a sorcerer’s wife

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Swords have been drawn between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa over the new ISI chief in Pakistan. General Bajwa has removed Lt Gen Faiz Hamid from the post of DG ISI and made Peshawar Corps Commander. At the same time, PM Imran Khan is not ready for this even after putting pressure many times and he is constantly disobeying the decision of the army chief. This is the same army chief who put Imran Khan on the top of power. It is being told that Imran Khan is taking the risk of confronting the army at the behest of his secret wife Bushra Biwi. Let’s know what is the master plan of Bushra Biwi and Imran Khan…. made possible. Throughout his tenure till now, Army Chief Bajwa has consistently helped Imran Khan. Now the same Imran Khan is becoming a blasphemer for the army chief and is not transferring General Faiz Hamid under a well thought out strategy.

Imran’s wish, Faiz Hamid, make him win in the next election
Imran Khan and his wife Bushra want Faiz Hamid to remain the ISI chief so that he can keep pressure on the opposition and lead them to victory in the next election. As he did in the year 2018. As a reward, Imran Khan has promised that he will make General Faiz the army chief after Bajwa retires in November 2022. The army chief and others have come to know about this game of Imran and Faiz Hamid and that is why this entire current crisis is going on. The Friday Times said that Imran Khan and General Faiz were left stunned by the speculation of another extension of General Bajwa. People also say that if Bajwa wants another term and Imran Khan gives it to him, it will break Lt Gen Faiz’s dream of becoming the army chief. If Imran does not give this extension to Bajwa, then the Pakistani army chief can play politics and with the help of ISI can conduct elections in the year 2022 itself. After this, the Pakistan Army Chief can get the new Prime Minister’s tenure extended.

Imran is doing all this at the behest of his secret wife Bushra.
This will shatter the dreams of Imran and Faiz Hamid. That is why both Imran Khan and General Faiz want the chair of the ISI to continue. At the same time, there are many such top generals in the Pakistani army who are afraid that if the pair of General Faiz and Imran Khan continues, then the path of their becoming the army chief will be closed for the next 6 years. Many analysts are also saying that Imran Khan is trying to show that he fought for the supremacy of the people and was martyred by confronting the army chief. On the other hand, many analysts in Pakistan say that Imran Khan is doing all this at the behest of his mysterious wife Bushra Begum, who is called Pir. Imran Khan has so far taken all his decision only after asking Bushra Biwi. There is a discussion in Pakistani media that Bushra has made a separate faction within PTI. A large number of his supporters are loyal to him. It is also said about Imran that he forwards Bushra to the voice of protest within the party or the displeasure of women. Due to this she has been given the status of ‘Godmother’.

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Bushra was called ‘black magician’
It is also said that the members of the party have more loyalty to Bushra than to the party. Interestingly, Bushra is said to be a performer of ‘black magic’. She describes herself as a mystic and spiritual healer. An angry Bushra is said to have transferred 20 Pakistani officers simply because he was late in opening the door for them. He once clarified when he was on the screen. Bushra said, ‘One cannot be modern just by not doing veils. I am always on screen and there is no pressure on me for that. This is my own way of dealing with Allah.’ Earlier, Imran Khan had made many revelations about his relationship with his mysterious wife in the past. Imran Khan said that his wife is very intelligent. Imran said that he discusses every issue related to the government with his wife. This statement of Imran Khan has come at a time when Bushra Bibi is being accused of running the government behind the scenes. Imran Khan said in an interview to German magazine Der Spiegel, ‘I discuss every issue with my wife. This also includes the problems I face while running the government and facing complex situations. The Pakistani PM said that he is only a fool who does not talk to his wife on every issue. The interference in the functioning of Bushra Bibi’s government was also criticized by the opposition parties of the country.

[Attribution to NBT]

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