Imran Khan, who is dreaming of referendum in Kashmir, said – Inshallah! You will join Pakistan, not India

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Addressing big election rallies amid rising cases of corona virus in Pakistan. In a rally organized for the assembly elections to be held in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), Imran Khan threw the referendum dice to get the vote of the people. He rejected the claim of converting PoK as a province of Pakistan from the stage itself in view of the protests of the people.

Will give right to choose ‘India/Pakistan’ to Kashmiris
Addressing an election rally at Tarar Khal in Sudhanhoti district of PoK, Imran Khan said that I do not know from where the talk of making PoK a province has come. However, what I want to clarify now is that in 1948, there were two UN Security Council resolutions, which gave the people of Kashmir the right to decide their future. According to the UN resolution, the people had to decide whether they wanted to join India or Pakistan.

‘Insha-Allah! Kashmiris will join Pakistan
Imran Khan said that I want to clarify to all of you today. Inshallah, a day will come when all the sacrifices made by the people of Kashmir will not go to waste. God will give you that right. There will be a referendum, Inshallah. He expressed confidence that people would like to live with Pakistan on that day.

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‘After UN, Pakistan will get referendum done again’
The Pakistani prime minister did not stop, saying that after the UN referendum, his government would hold another plebiscite, where the people of Kashmir would be given the option of either staying with Pakistan or becoming an independent state. PM Imran Khan said that the freedom struggle of Kashmiris pre-Partition and started more than 100 years ago, when people repeatedly stood against the Dogra government.

Imran’s counterattack on the possibility of rigging in the election
Assembly elections are due in PoK on Sunday. The opposition parties of Pakistan have already accused the election of rigging. Responding to this, Imran Khan said that there is already a discussion that there will be rigging in the elections. He said that when we used to play cricket, the host countries had their own umpire. At that time the teams which were afraid of losing against a powerful team were already making noise about losing the match to the umpire of the other country.

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