India at the forefront! Are you also planning to buy mobile online? So first read this shocking report

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If you are also thinking of buying a phone online or have already bought it, then this news is for you. In fact, in a recent report, many shocking facts have come to the fore. If the report is to be believed, one in four mobile phones sold were bought online as online sales accounted for around 26 per cent of the global mobile phone market in 2020, surprisingly led by India.

India’s largest share of online salesGlobal online handset sales grew by about 6 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. According to Counterpoint Research, India showed the highest online share with 45 per cent, UK with 39 per cent and China with 34 per cent.

Middle aged population is the main reason for the increase in salesSenior analyst Sujong Lim said that “After the rapid growth in 2020, we expect 2021 to see some easing after the COVID-19 vaccination. However, this is expected to grow slightly every year from 2022 onwards, supported by growth in emerging markets and the middle-aged population becoming more accustomed to IT devices and internet access.” In terms of market size, online handset sales grew by over 10 per cent. This trend was strong not only in advanced markets such as the US and Europe, but also in emerging markets such as India and Latin America.

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India’s share may decrease in the coming time Lim cautioned, “In the case of India, which currently has the highest online ratio, this may reduce to a certain level after 2022, thanks to offline infrastructure such as multi-brand stores and large-scale retail stores.” because of development.”

[Attribution to NBT]

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