India handed over 577 infiltrators to Bangladesh in last 3 years

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New Delhi
India has handed over a maximum of 577 infiltrators to its neighboring country Bangladesh since the year 2018, which reflects the mutual cooperation between the two countries and their consensus on the welfare of the population of both the countries living on the border. This year this number has been even better as more than 100 people have been brought back to their homeland during this period. Border Security Force (BSF) officials said that these infiltrators have been apprehended and handed over to the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). The BGB is the Border Security Force of Bangladesh. Bangladesh and India share a 4,096 km long border. The India-Bangladesh border is considered the most peaceful international border. Both countries often try to maintain their relationship between them. During the flag meeting of the border guarding forces of both the countries, good signs are shown from both the sides. These 577 Bangladeshi infiltrators handed over included women, children and men, who belong to villages located near the border. Most of these illegal infiltrators cross the International Border (IB) and enter Indian territory in search of jobs. These villagers are able to penetrate the Indian border area because much of the land border between India and Bangladesh, the fifth longest in the world, is porous. The border line of about 262 km between India and Bangladesh meets Assam, about 856 km from Tripura, about 180 km from Mizoram, 2217 km from Bengal and 443 km from Meghalaya. According to the data, 480 of these infiltrators had entered Indian territory through West Bengal, 71 Tripura, 18 Meghalaya and eight through Assam. All these 577 infiltrators were handed over to Bangladesh between January 1, 2018 and May 21 this year.

[Attribution to NBT]

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