‘India has become completely isolated in Afghanistan’, Owaisi said in gestures – America has also betrayed us

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New Delhi
All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief and MP from Hyderabad believes that India has suffered the most after the return of Taliban to power in Afghanistan. He said that even after spending 3 billion dollars in Afghanistan for the last 20 years, India became completely marginalized in the changed face. Owaisi said in gestures that America also betrayed India on the issue of Afghanistan-Taliban. He said, ‘Jalme Khalilzad did not talk to us. Blinken comes here and says Jaishankar sahib in Parliament that India-US are on the same page, are they on the same page?’

We were told to wait, how to wait: Owaisi
Owaisi also expressed displeasure over the discussion on the issue of Afghanistan in the all-party meeting with the central government on Thursday. He said that the Government of India has asked all the parties to adopt the policy of wait and watch now. He said, ‘You called all the parties and said that wait and watch, how will it be wait and watch? India has spent $3 billion in Afghanistan in 20 years. For 20 years, every year 8-8 hundred Afghans were called and sent to college and trained in other places. There Parliament was built, dams were built, Chabahar port was built. The truth is that India has been completely sidelined by the changes that have taken place in Afghanistan.

India missing from every platform: Owaisi

The Lok Sabha MP counted the failures of India’s policies in Afghanistan. He said, ‘Troika Plus was made, India is not in it. Who is in it – US, China, Russia. The regional arch was created, India is not in it. Who is in it – China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan. Connectivity was made quadrilateral, in that Uzbekistan, US, Pakistan are there, we are not. Owaisi said these things in a special program of TV channel ABP News. He said that India remained marginalized in Afghanistan in every way and whatever changes have taken place there, it is not at all good for India in the long term.

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‘We’ve been warning since 2013’
Owaisi said that he had been warning the Indian government about policies towards Afghanistan and the Taliban for years, but he was ridiculed. The reality today is that India is completely isolated. He said, we have been saying since 2013, in the Parliament that if this happens, these people used to point fingers at me, used to laugh. He further said, ‘Modi government came, we said it will happen, they also did not pay attention. 13 years ago and 7 years of Modi government, what did we do for Afghanistan? We trusted America so much and it left the green zone. When we said that we have to bring back the people of our embassy, ​​the US said that we will not give you protection.

Displeasure over the closure of the Kabul embassy

Owaisi did not know from where the matter of not giving protection because the news came that External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar spoke to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in this regard, after which American soldiers helped the Indian Embassy personnel return home by giving security at Kabul airport. The Hyderabad MP also expressed displeasure over the fact that India completely closed its embassy in Kabul. He said, ‘We left Afghanistan only. America has taken a room and kept its diplomatic presence there. We left the Afghan nationals who used to work in our embassy.

Threat of India’s enemy terrorist organizations increased
Owaisi said that the hold of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan has become stronger who shed blood in India. He said, ‘Lashkar-e-Taiba has arrived in eastern Afghanistan, Jaish-e-Mohammed has arrived in southern Afghanistan. These are famous terrorist organizations who shed the blood of innocent people on the soil of India. If we remain marginalized in this situation, it is not good for the country.

Owaisi is angry with the stand of the Indian government

Owaisi questioned the current attitude of the Indian government towards the Taliban. Why is the Indian government avoiding taking the name of Taliban in various forums, he asked. “The attitude of our government, Jaishankar sahib gives speeches in the United Nations, does not speak a single thing about Taliban. We did not make any mention of Taliban in the UN Security Council meeting on 16 August.

BJP will do Taliban-Taliban in elections: Owaisi
Owaisi did not stop here and even said that the government has held yesterday’s meeting focusing on the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. He also uses international diplomacy on BJP to take advantage inside India, this is wrong. He said, ‘Do you know why India’s foreign policy fails? BJP links domestic policies with foreign policies and you will see that these Taliban-Talibans will continue to do so in the coming elections. Owaisi is referring to the assembly elections to be held in five states including Uttar Pradesh next year.

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