India invites Pak NSA, meeting in Delhi next month on Afghanistan issue

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New Delhi
A meeting of National Security Advisors (NSA) is to be held in Delhi next month on the situation in Afghanistan. India will host it. Russia and Pakistan have also been invited to this meeting along with many other countries. The meeting will be chaired by India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval. China, Iran, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are also believed to have been invited to this regional conference. In this, the issues of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan will be discussed. In addition, security issues will also be discussed. The world will also be made aware of the expectations from the Taliban. Sources said that the countries whose NSAs have been invited have already received invitations from India. However, the Taliban has not been invited to this conference. This meeting is proposed in the second week of November. Russia has also organized a similar conference in Moscow on 20 October. In this, along with India, he has also called the Taliban. However, the Indian government is still a bit hesitant to invite the Taliban here. The reason is that the Taliban is yet to meet the expectations of the international community. There is much more to be expected from him, especially in respect of human rights issues. These include the human rights of women, children and minorities. It will be interesting to see what role Pakistan plays in the conference. It will also be a matter to be seen whether Pakistani NSA Moeed Yusuf comes or not. If this happens, it will be the first visit by a high official from either side since Sartaj Aziz, Foreign Advisor to the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Amritsar in 2016. In May this year also, India had proposed a conference on Afghanistan. Even then Joseph was invited. However, this meeting could not take place due to the second wave of Corona in Delhi.

[Attribution to NBT]

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