India signs agreement with America to buy MK-54 torpedoes, will cost 423 crores

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New Delhi
The Defense Ministry has signed an agreement with the US government. This deal has been done to strengthen the Indian Navy. Under this, Mk 54 torpedoes and expandables like chaff and flares will be procured for its anti-submarine warfare aircraft P-8I. It will cost Rs 423 crore. Ministry spokesperson gave this information on Friday. The Indian Navy has a total of 11 P-8I aircraft in its fleet. They are manufactured by American aerospace company Boeing. The P-8I aircraft is known for its anti-submarine warfare capabilities as well as advanced maritime reconnaissance capabilities. A Defense Ministry spokesperson wrote on Twitter, “Ministry of Defense has submitted a proposal to the US Government under Foreign Military Sale (FMS) for the purchase of MK-54 Torpedoes and Expandables (Chaffs and Flares) for the Indian Navy at a cost of Rs 423 crores. The agreement has been signed with. “These devices are part of the P-8I aircraft,” he said.

[Attribution to NBT]

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