India told how the host is speechless, after India’s spectacular victory, Aakash Chopra takes a dig at Ranatunga

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New Delhi
India won the first match of the ODI series against Sri Lanka by seven wickets. After this match, Aakash Chopra targeted former Sri Lankan captain Arjun Ranatunga. Ranatunga had said that India has insulted Sri Lanka by sending its second-class team. Before the start of the limited overs series against Sri Lanka, Ranatunga had questioned the Sri Lankan board as to how it allowed the BCCI to send its ‘second-class’ team. Ranatunga called it an insult to the host country. Reviewing the first ODI of the series between India and Sri Lanka, Chopra said that the Indian team seems to have taken Ranatunga’s words very seriously. He said, ‘Did you take him to heart? Ranatunga said that India’s second-rate team has been sent and it is an insult to them. 262 runs are not even enough to win the match with seven wickets and 15 overs to spare. Chopra praised the batting of the Indian team. He credited India’s batting for the team’s victory. He said, ‘The young Indian team showed how to pacify the hosts. The atmosphere has changed a bit. The Indian team has told how they make the host speechless. The Indian team achieved the target of 263 runs in the 37th over for the loss of just three wickets.

[Attribution to NBT]

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