Information from all over the world will be available on Facebook, follow these easy tips-tricks, will save time

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New Delhi.Search Anything On Facebook Follow These Tips Tricks: The popular social media site Facebook has billions of photos, videos, users, pages and groups, due to which it is quite popular. Good people sweat it out to find one thing on Facebook. But if you know the right way to search, then you can find that thing in minutes. Facebook provides a search bar for users to search about groups, posts or anything else on Facebook. With its help, you can easily search for anything.

need to know these thingsAll you have to do is enter your keywords to find what you’re looking for and get a list. The results are arranged category wise and the order in which they appear will completely depend on your query. Will show you the names of people whose names are added to your friends list. And on scrolling down the results like Public Post, Group, Page, Photo, Video will appear.

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Facebook search filterYou have several filters for you on the left, which you can use to make things easier. There are five filters available to you: Post, Post Type, Posted in Group, Tagged Location, and Date Posted.

Know about your friendsIf you also want to know about your friends, what they like and what they don’t, then for this you just have to do a little work. All you have to do is type the name of your friend in the search box and the person you want to know about, and then press enter. Facebook often bundles top picks together, so if you want to see more, you’ll need to click See All.

Find someone you just metMaybe you just met a new friend and you all know his name is Matt or maybe you’re looking for a friend’s friend. You can add location filters to narrow down the results, rather than looking through the entire Facebook page for someone named Matt or hoping to browse through the city. Type the name you are looking for in Facebook’s search bar. If you know that this person attends this college or where they work, add that information to the Education or Workplace section.

Search your favorite restaurants visited by your friendsFacebook has a secret feature, which you can access only after entering the restaurant in the search bar. You can also see restaurants that your friends can mention on Facebook. You first enter the name of the restaurant in the Facebook search bar, then select the location filter. Turn on the option of Visited by Friends. You can also filter places by Open Now, Delivery, Takeout, Location, Status (Open/Closed) and Price. A similar way to search is to type something like pizza in the search bar and then turn on the visited by friend filter for the pizza restaurants your friends have visited.

Take advantage of Facebook Marketplace like this Search the names of your favorite items in Facebook Marketplace. Enter the name of the product you want to buy in the search bar. Facebook will create a gallery of things that are for sale in the Facebook Market Place. Select Marketplace to filter the results. You can filter all the things, like the rate of that product, delivery method, payment mode, condition, all these things according to your own. You can also like and save your favorite ad or share it with your friends.

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