Initiative to reduce tension, another hotline between India and China started in Sikkim

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New Delhi
A hotline has also been started between the Indian Army and North Sikkim. It is located on Kongara La in North Sikkim and is established at Khambazong in the Tibetan Autonomous Region on the Chinese side. Chinese Army i.e. People’s Liberation Army Day is also on August 1, and this hotline was started on this day. The Indian Army issued a statement saying that this will further increase the trust between the two armies and lead to better relations. The local commanders of the armies of both the countries were involved in the inauguration of the hotline and the hotline was started by giving a message of friendship and goodwill through the hotline. Now the number of hotlines between India and China army has increased to six. There are already five hot lines with China. These hotlines are at DBO-TWD and Chushul-Moldo in the Western Sector. The Eastern Sector has hot lines at Nathula, Bumla and Kibitu-Damai. The proposal for a hotline between the DGMO of the Indian Army and the Western Theater Command of China has been going on for a long time. Both the countries have also agreed to this but it has not been established yet. Hot line means direct line. In this, one phone is directly connected to another phone and there is no exchange in between. There is someone on duty on the hot line every day at all times. These hotlines are used in two situations on the Line of Actual Control. There are Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) points between the India-China Army at five places on the LAC. Ceremonial BPM takes place four times a year, twice on the Indian side and twice on the Chinese side. For this, hot lines are used to invite each other. However, first due to Kovid and then due to tension in Eastern Ladakh, this Ceremonial BPM is not being held between India and China. Apart from this, hotline is used in emergency. If there has been some violation from the Chinese side or their animals have come to the territory of India, then a message is given in the hot line to inform about it. If there is any tension at the local level, then efforts are made to resolve it there. If there is any violation, then a protest is expressed in writing or a flag meeting (between the local commanders) is demanded by sending a message through the hotline. Where the terrain is bad, there is also a test call to the hot line every morning, just to see if the line is fine. There are also hot lines between India and Pakistan Army. Hotlines with Pakistan are at Uri-Chakhoti, Tithwal, Medhar-Hot Spring, Poonch-Rawalkot. Apart from this, there is also a hotline with Pakistan at the DGMO (Director General Military Operations) level.

[Attribution to NBT]

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