Inside Video of Vladimir Putin’s helicopter, see how the Russian President’s flight is from inside

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Every country has some special facilities for heads of state. These include everything from security to their vehicles and food. One of these is the helicopter used in air travel for the heads of state. Most countries always keep a fleet of special helicopters in reserve for their heads of state. When there is a short distance travel within the country, the Head of State uses only a fleet of helicopters. Recently, a video has been released inside the Mi-8 helicopter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

video shared on telegram
A 10-second video by a Telegram channel named Pool N3 of Russia has given an inside glimpse of the Russian President’s flying thongs. In the video shared, titled “Modest and Tight: How Putin’s Helicopter Looks on the Inside”, Putin and his crew are seen standing outside the helicopter. During this, a uniformed man is seen greeting Putin. He is said to be the pilot of the helicopter.

Putin was seen sitting with the head of the space agency
Later in this video the interior of the helicopter is shown. Where Putin and Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin are sitting on chairs facing each other. At the same time, the rest of President Putin’s team are sitting on the sofa nearby. Roscosmos is the space agency of Russia. The fleet of the Russian President always consists of 4 Mi-8 helicopters. Which are of the same color for security reasons and always fly together.

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This helicopter can dodge missiles
By the way, during the air travel of the Russian President, the Russian Air Force has a hard city all along the way. Nevertheless, if a missile comes during his air travel, then his helicopter can easily dodge it. The flares and chaff in this helicopter can easily mislead any heat-seeking missile. Apart from this, the outer shell of the helicopter is so strong that even if shots are fired from a rifle like AK-47 at close range, there will be no effect.

[Attribution to NBT]

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