IPL treats of Varun Sharma and famous entertainers, making cricket commentators a fun experience

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Cricket and movies are considered religions in India. But imagine what would happen if someone got the experience of both at the same time. While VIVO is known to be the center of IPL cricket, Disney+ Hotstar is also enhancing the entertainment of India’s most loved cricketing event i.e. IPL through an exclusive commentary feed titled ‘Hotstar Dosts’. India’s renowned comedians and entertainers will make you laugh as you add a fresh tinge of entertainment to the live cricketing action. These include names like Varun Sharma, Abhishek Upmanyu, Anubhav Singh Bassi, Amit Bhadana, Amit Tandon, Harsh Gujral, Angad Singh Ryanal, Vrajesh Hirji, Mantra, Zakir Khan who will enter the commentary box and make this season of VIVO IPL the best. will build.

Cricket cannot be separated from personality
Talking about this, actor Varun Sharma said, ‘Cricket cannot be separated from my personality and it has been there since I was growing up. I like to make every big cricket match an event with friends and family. Especially VIVO IPL is a mega celebration for all Indians.

Have fun with the best entertainers
Varun added, “VIVO IPL brings everyone together to enjoy and cheer for their favorite team. Since childhood, I used to sit during matches and become a commentator among the family. Now working with Hotstar Dosts is like going back to childhood. I am sure it will be fun with the best entertainers.

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Cricket commentary in a new way
At the same time, expressing his excitement as a cricket commentator, comedian and cricket fan Zakir Khan said, ‘Disney + Hotstar is the most favorite destination for all the youngsters. I am a big fan of cricket and IPL is like a festival season for me, when I stop everything and plan my day around the match of my favorite team. Through Hotstar Dosts, we are bringing the idea of ​​cricket commentary in a new way and giving a touch of humor to all the cricket fans. Let me tell you, Zakir has hosted the initial episodes of Hotstar Dosts.

[Attribution to NBT]

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