Is Facebook reading all your WhatsApp messages? How much truth in this claim? learn here

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New Delhi. Is Facebook Reading You All WhatsApp Messages? Do you also feel that someone is watching your WhatsApp messages? Then you must read this article. WhatsApp has always been trying to assure that its chats are end-to-end encrypted, yet the app has come under scrutiny several times due to security lapses.

WhatsApp’s old relationship with controversies:
Despite its claims of being the most secure messaging app, WhatsApp has always been embroiled in controversies. A report now claims that while WhatsApp is not as secure as it claims to be, its end-to-end encryption system is actually false. The report said that Facebook has hired content moderators to access personal conversations of users. However, Facebook has denied any such claim and called the report false.

Big claim in ProPublica report:
A report by the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom ProPublica has emphasized this time that it has always talked about the security or privacy of users. However, the report states that contrary to WhatsApp’s claims that its messages can only be accessed by the sender and receiver, it is absolutely false. Because its claim of the ability to convert messages into an unreadable format is clearly false. WhatsApp says that even WhatsApp itself cannot access user conversations, but ProPublica’s report contradicts what WhatsApp claims.

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Evil eye on the content of millions of users of WhatsApp!ProPublica has claimed in its report that it has hired more than 1000 content moderators to scrutinize the content of millions of users. It has also been alleged that content moderators use a special Facebook software to peek into a person’s private WhatsApp messages and try to gain access to photos and videos sent through the messaging app. . It has been claimed in the report – Hourly workers have been appointed for this work. Those who use special Facebook software to gain access to users’ private messages, images and videos. The ProPublica report also claimed that WhatsApp communications director Carl Wooge said a team of these contractors reviews WhatsApp messages and works to identify and delete the “worst” abusers. However, he also told the publication that this type of work is not called a “content moderator”. The report also mentioned that WhatsApp shares metadata, unencrypted records about users’ activity with law enforcement officials. While its rival Signal collects far less metadata than WhatsApp to protect the privacy of its users.

WhatsApp access to all private chats:

The ProPublica report mentions that WhatsApp gives private access to chats only when a user presses the “report” button on the app. When a user reports a chat, WhatsApp forwards five messages to its team, including messages that violate the app’s guidelines along with the other four. Only then does WhatsApp ban the account or take action against it on the basis of the offence. However, WhatsApp forwards only five messages. The entire chat history is not sent to the team because of the end-to-end encryption method.

Facebook denies ProPublica report:
On the other hand, Facebook has denied the claims made by ProPublica in its defence. In a statement to Android Central, the company said, “WhatsApp provides a way for people to report spam or abuse, including by sharing the latest message in chat. This feature is designed to prevent the worst abuse on the Internet.” Important. We strongly disagree with the notion that accepting reports that users have chosen to send to us is inconsistent with end-to-end encryption. The Indian government’s IT Rules 2021, a WhatsApp spokesperson said in a statement As per reports, we also publish monthly reports detailing how WhatsApp keeps users safe and based on this user report, work is done to prevent abuse of the WhatsApp platform. WhatsApp for privacy and user safety. committed to.

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