Is this your real age – When Rahul Dravid joked with Deepak Chahar

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New Delhi
The Indian fast bowler has mentioned a funny incident that happened to him during the tour of Sri Lanka. Chahar was part of the youth team that toured Sri Lanka under the coaching of Rahul Dravid. The main team India was playing test series in England. Chahar has mentioned a funny incident that happened with Dravid about his age. Chahar told that when he reached Sri Lanka, Rahul Dravid asked him his age. When he told his age, Rahul Dravid jokingly asked him whether he was telling his real age or the age recorded in the record book. Dravid’s point was that some cricketers get their age written down in the record book so that they can play longer. Chahar said that he could not do it as his father works in the Indian Air Force. During a conversation on Aakash Chopra’s YouTube channel, he said, ‘When we reached Sri Lanka, Rahul sir asked my age. I said that I am 28 and going to be 29 soon. So he said – ‘Is this your real age or the age of the cricketer?’ Then I told them that this is my real age, since my father was in the Air Force, I cannot rigging my age.’ Chahar further said that Dravid put a lot of faith in the young players and that is why he has always performed well in their presence. Apart from his good performance with the ball, the Uttar Pradesh player also showed a great game with the bat which helped India win the ODI series. Chahar said, “Seriously, Dravid sir told me that I have 4-5 years of Test cricket left in me. These words are with me. He has always considered me as a bowler in Test matches and picked me for India A’s red-ball matches. Whenever I have played under him, I have always done well. With the ball as well as with the bat. He knows my potential very well.

[Attribution to NBT]

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