Joe Biden’s open warning to Putin – if Americans become targets in Ukraine, they will get a befitting reply

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Washington: US President Joe Biden has given a stern warning to Russia. Joe Biden has clearly said that he does not want a confrontation with Russia, but if the Russian attack targets the US in Ukraine, then it will get a befitting reply. Biden said, “We are prepared to give a decisive response to a Russian attack on Ukraine. There is still a very high probability of a Russian attack. We do not want a direct confrontation with Russia, although I am clear that if Russia, in Ukraine, targets Americans, we will be forced to respond.” The Joe Biden administration also warned Russia, saying that the path of diplomacy was still available if the Kremlin wanted it. Russia said on Tuesday that some troops taking part in military exercises have started returning to their military base. However, Russia has not given details of the withdrawal. This has raised hopes that Russia may not have plans to attack Ukraine. It is not yet clear where and the number of troops that the Russian Defense Ministry has said to return.

Not sure that the Russian army is returning to our home base
Biden further said that we are not sure that the Russian army is returning to our home base. Our analysts have indicated that there is still a risk appetite. More than 1.50 lakh Russian soldiers are surrounded by Ukraine and Belarus. Earlier also America had warned Russia. On February 16, the US warned of a Russian attack on Ukraine. Officials of Western countries are still issuing warnings regarding this attack.

[Attribution to NBT]

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