Just a few days before his loss of life Pranab Mukherjee wrote an article recalling the reminiscences of Sheikh Mujib

अपनी मृत्यु के कुछ दिन पहले, प्रणब मुखर्जी ने एक लेख लिखा जिसमें शेख मुजीब की यादों को याद किया गया था
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अपनी मृत्यु के कुछ दिनों पहले लिखे एक लेख में, पूर्व राष्ट्रपति प्रणब मुखर्जी ने बांग्लादेश के संस्थापक शेख मुजीबुर रहमान को याद करते हुए याद किया था कि कैसे 1972 में तत्कालीन पाकिस्तान के राष्ट्रपति जुल्फिकार अली भुट्टो ने संयुक्त बयान जारी करने के लिए उन पर दबाव बनाने की कोशिश की थी कि पाकिस्तान बना रहे। अविभाजित।

Mukherjee, in his article revealed in a book titled ‘Voice of Millions’ to mark the centenary yr of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, also reminded how, as a younger Rajya Sabha MP, he had given recognition to the then Bangladesh govt in Parliament. Called in Exile, as a part of a political answer.

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The former president quoted from Sheikh Mujib’s book ‘Unfinished Memoirs’, which was revealed by his daughter 29 years after his loss of life, to concentrate to how the Bangladeshi chief was also requested about his nation’s independence. There was no info and he was exiled in Mianwali Jail close to Rawalpindi. that point.

He was then flown to London on a particular flight on the night time of 8 January 1972, when Bhutto failed in his makes an attempt to woo her.

“Bhutto knowledgeable Mujib that he’s the President and that he wanted Mujib’s assist. Over the course of some days between January 1 and eight, Bhutto spoke to him a number of instances and pressured Mujib to signal a joint assertion. He confirmed Mujib a number of drafts…, ”Mukherjee wrote.

“Meanwhile, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto has repeatedly appealed to Mujib to determine relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh. A relationship that can hold Pakistan undivided.

“Mujib merely instructed Bhutto that he wouldn’t have the ability to say something to the people of his nation with out speaking to them for the primary time.

In the top, a pissed off Bhutto determined to ship Mujib to Britain. In the midnight of 8 January 1972, a particular Pak Airlines aircraft flew its just passenger Mujib at London’s Hemro Airport. When he landed at Heathrow, the native time was 6:30 within the morning, ”he mentioned, from his book.

Mukherjee also recalled in his article how his thoughts was full of reminiscences of the occasions of 1971. He was 36 and an MP when the people of Bangladesh had been engaged in his liberation battle.

“I keep in mind that, on 15 June 1971, I had the privilege of beginning a dialogue on the ground of the Rajya Sabha, the higher home of the Indian Parliament, once I steered that India ought to give diplomatic recognition to the Bangladesh govt in exile. In Mujibnagar .My phrases are on record within the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha.

“When a member requested for my suggestion on take care of the issue, I responded by saying: ‘I’m speaking of a political answer which implies clearly recognizing the sovereign democratic govt of Bangladesh.

Mukherjee wrote within the article, “Political answer means giving materials assist to the sovereign govt of Bangladesh, the sovereign govt of Bangladesh.” I’ve reminded many examples in world historical past. His shut associates, he mentioned, had been his last.

He also wrote about how onerous Mujib performed for the creation of Pakistan, however intense disagreement arose between him and the Muslim League management as he started opposing numerous insurance policies and their purposes.

“Because of this, he was imprisoned shortly after liberation for criticizing and opposing govt insurance policies at distinct instances. If 1971 included 9 months, Mujib’s complete imprisonment interval is 3,053 days, he mentioned.

Describing Cri Bangladesh’s father as ‘bing a tireless politician’, Mukherjee mentioned that ‘Bangabandhu’ and Bangladesh’s heritage are interlinked.

“There are only a few people in historical past who make a deep influence in nation constructing, in reality figuring out a subcontinent.

“Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujbir Rahman stands tall amongst these few people. His unwavering love for his people and his battle for them is a testomony to his legacy.

“As the sub-continent celebrates his birth century, we bear in mind not just a Statesman however a person who has lived and died for his nice nation, within the course of the tradition of freedom and freedom, total secularism and inclusive growth Form affirms wealthy values, ”said in his article.

He wrote about Sheikh Mujib’s education days before changing into the chief of Bangladesh.

The former president, who’s written in the one book from outdoors Bangladesh, mentioned that his ‘Sonar Bangla’ dream comes true.

He also talked about how Sheikh Mujib made the ‘Chhatra League’ a mass motion that helped Bangladesh fulfill its dream of independence. Mukherjee mentioned that he was in Kolkata after the assassination of Sheikh Mujib.

“The brutal homicide of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with his total family (besides his two daughters Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana) was commented at daybreak on 14 August / 15 August 1975. Mukherjee died on 31 August on the age of 84. executed.

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