Kamala Harris urges voters to vote in massive numbers; introduce change at White House

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Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has urged the Americans to come back out and vote in massive numbers to introduce a change on the White House. Speaking at a rally in Texas on Friday, Harris, 56, accused the Republicans of making a confusion on votes.

“Everyone should vote to bring a change at the White House. Need to realise the power of vote and the opponents are for creating confusion on votes,” Harris, who’s the primary Democratic vice-presidential candidate to handle an election rally in Republican stronghold Texas in many years, mentioned. “They know our power. They know when we vote, things change. They know when we vote, we win. We vote to honour the ancestors. We vote because everything is at stake. Everything is at stake,” Harris added.

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She mentioned the nation is going through a significant health disaster, with the dying of greater than 220,000 Americans resulting from coronavirus pandemic and blamed President Donald Trump for the state of affairs.

“We want to make sure we see it through and then let’s make sure on Election Day, everybody we know has made sure that their voice, their powerful voice, is represented in this election through their vote, because there is so much at stake and so many reasons to vote,” she mentioned.

US is the worst impacted nation by the coronavirus, with the whole count of infections and deaths standing at 9,034,925 and 229,544, in keeping with Johns Hopkins University.

“We’re in the midst of a public health pandemic. You also have a situation where we have a president who, while we are seeing spikes around our country, talking about we’ve turned the corner, continuing to mislead the American people,” she mentioned.

She mentioned that due to the pandemic, the worsening of the wealth hole in America has been such that over 30 million people in simply the last a number of months needed to file for unemployment insurance coverage. “We are seeing numbers that tell us one in five mothers who has a child under the age of 12 is describing her children as being hungry,” she rued, including that the US is in the course of a starvation disaster.

The Democratic Party below the management of Joe Biden, she asserted, is a plan to combat coronavirus, and is dedicated to not elevating taxes ever on anybody making lower than USD 400,000 a yr, and can be dedicated in investing in working people in America.

“Biden understands that we need to deal with these racial disparities. We need to acknowledge them, difficult though they may be, to think about, much less talk about. We need to address it in terms of what we’re doing around healthcare. We need to address it in terms of the racial wealth gap. We need to address it in terms of the gaps in our education system,” she mentioned. She accused President Trump of ruining America.

“A president of the United States who has called Mexicans rapists and criminals, who as his first order of business instituted a Muslim ban. America, we deserve better,” she mentioned.

“That does not reflect who we are as our values and priorities, as a nation that knows we are our strongest when we are unified, knows that we have so much more in common regardless of where you live, the race, your ethnicity, the language your grandmother speaks,” mentioned the Senator from California.

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