Kanika Kapoor got married at the age of 18, single mom of 3 kids got divorced from her first husband

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From being a child artist to singing for All India Radio, we are talking about none other than the baby doll singer. Till a few years back no one even knew that there was a singer named Kanika Kapoor but her song ‘Baby Doll ()’ did not rock the music world, after which everyone knows Kanika. Kanika has faced many difficulties in her personal life and when she did, everything looked rosy and fancy for the fans and the audience and they were already eager to see more of her. Yes, she has a great voice but it is the inside story of her journey that will crush you.

When the marriage was broken in difficult times
In an interview, Kanika talked about her personal life, her marriage and her children. She had said, “I married (Raj) and moved to London when I was only 18 years old. I was a normal papad pickle housewife, I had three kids and was happy to play the role of a mother to them, then we got divorced.” Talking about the changes a woman undergoes from marriage, she had said, “Marriage exposed me to another level of fancy life and that kind of captured me. I was materialistic, egotistical, vain and filled with myself to the point of being borderline arrogant.”

took care of three children by becoming a single mother
In another interview, Kanika had said, “I was a very young wife, a young mother and then a very young singer mother. I saw the full circle of life only in my 20s. It was too expensive to live in London and raise three children alone.” Talking about a failed marriage and how she mustered up the courage to come out of it, she had said, “I didn’t fight. I went away. It was hard to go through a bad marriage, but most women go through bad marriages. She doesn’t talk about it but she can’t get out of it.

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How did you get the strength to rise again?
But she always feels thankful to God for helping her move forward. Talking about the experience, she had said, “I am thankful that God gave me the strength to rise up, become a single mother and start my life again when people were throwing stones at me.” There was a time in his life when Singer tried to commit suicide. She was filled with hesitation, panic and fear.

try to commit suicide
Recalling the time when she was on her way to end her life, she said, “This is when you have no money, are going through a bad divorce and lawyers are pushing you to the limit. Huh. In addition, you have three children who have been kicked out of school because you have not paid the fees. Then you fall ill. You hit low and realize there is nothing left. But at that time I got a lot of support from my mother, my brother and some friends.

[Attribution to NBT]

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