Kim Jong Un is flooded with condoms, underwear, sex toys, know how much you will have to pay

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Panic is being seen around the world due to the craze about missiles and nuclear bombs of North Korea’s brutal dictator Kim Jong Un (38). Now the market has also become hot in the name of dictator Kim Jong Un. Yes, condoms, underwear, sex toys, calendars with Kim Jong Un’s picture have arrived and you can even buy them online. All these things with the picture of Kim Jong Un can be purchased from the website of American online company CafePress. The company claims that these products made in the name of Kim Jong Un are very good in quality. 100% ringspun cotton has been used. The person wearing it will feel more naughty of himself. On the other hand, a website selling condoms has taken off a condom in the name of ‘Kim Jong Boom’. The name of this website is The cost of this condom is around 165 rupees in Indian rupees. There is a picture of the dictator laughing on the condom and boom is written below it. The description of this condom reads, ‘Celebrate the Supreme Leader with his new boom condom.’ It reads, ‘Research has shown that condoms are 98% effective in contraception if used properly. Research also shows that North Korea is 98 percent effective at launching missiles. Not only this, sex toys with Kim Jong Un themed have also come in the market. If you want to buy then it can be bought by spending only 2 thousand rupees. It has a picture of Kim Jong carrying a nuclear missile. Apart from this, the calendar of the year 2022 has also come in the name of Kim Jong Un, in which 12 different pictures of the dictator have been printed. In these pictures, Kim Jong Un is seen by the month. In a month, his picture with Trump also remains.

[Attribution to NBT]

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