Kuch Toh Hai – Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein, 14th February, written update: Rehan units Priya's dupatta ablaze the second he touches it

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The episode begins with Priya (Krishna Mukherjee) confronting Rehan (Harsh Rajput) for his misbehaviour with women. She teases him the identical approach he teases different women. Rehan appears mighty impressed with Priya’s fiesty perspective. But the very subsequent second, Rehan exhibits Priya her place and asks her to brush up her abilities. The remainder of the family are seen sitting collectively for a small deal with. Mr. Khurana invitations Rehan to take a seat with them and eat one thing. Rehan, who would not eat like regular human beings, cleverly avoids them. Priya follows him upstairs. She insists him to eat one thing. Rehan exhibits perspective. Priya will get pissed and asks him to get misplaced. Rehan then flees from the spot and hangs himself the other way up considering why is he behaving like a standard being each time he is in entrance of Priya.

Rehan begins his quest to seek out his true identification. He reaches the place where he noticed a poster caught on a tree with the identical no. that he had on that small piece of paper. But somebody has eliminated the no. by tearing that a part of the poster. Meanwhile, Mrs Siddharth Khurana (Resham Tipnis) sneaks into some secluded place carrying a protracted hoodie. She seems on the water pond and speaks to it informing that AadiSaach is back in Mussoorie and together with Priya. She is nervous what’s going to occur subsequent.

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Priya, alternatively, tells Swati that she desires to discover a job and begin paying hire in order that she’s going to really feel a bit relaxed being a tenant. Here, Arushi is looking for out the reality of the ghost. Mrs Khurana expresses her worries that Rehan will quickly get back all his powers. Here, Rehan asks questions his identification and the way did he possesses supernatural powers. He wonders who has cursed him to be like this. Priya, who’s biking by means of the jungle, finds Rehan in a unique state. Priya wonders why every thing is so unusual each time Rehan’s round. Here, Arushi comes throughout some outdated journal which has the identical no., 3:13:21 together with a reputation ‘Mayuri’, which Arushi thinks is a date.

Here, Rehan thinks in regards to the man who gave him that no. after which became a snape. He once more flees from his room. Mrs Khurana thinks both Rehan will kill Priya or Priya will kill Rehan. On further hand, Priya is in quest of a job however there aren’t any jobs. She once more crosses path with Rehan who’s driving a automobile alongside her. He teases her and waves a goodbye as he accelerates. Priya is pissed. She makes use of her powers and overtakes him. Rehan wonders where Priya went and thinks he most likely will need to have misplaced her as he’s too quick for her. But the subsequent second, he sees Priya in entrance of him. She falls from the bicycle. Rehan asks her how did she went forward so quick. Priya tries to defuse the state of affairs and makes Rehan thinks he’s delusional. He tells her he’ll drop her since he cycle is damaged. Priya agrees considering that she may make him really feel that she is a standard helpless woman.

Mrs Khurana is back house. Rehan too will get back house with Priya. Rehan once more pisses off Priya. Her dupatta will get caught as she walks off from him calling him a jaanwar. She thinks Rehan has grabbed her dupatta. But it is caught on his jeep. Rehan tries to take it out however the second he touches it, her dupatta is ready ablaze. Priya wonders why it occurred. Rehan defuses the state of affairs saying his jeep is just too outdated and a few spark might need induced the fire.

Priya dials the Warden and informs her that she noticed the identical lady (Mrs Khurana) within the image however she refused to assist her. She says she’s looking for a job and the family she is .

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