Laptop battery will last longer, these 4 tips will work for you

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New Delhi. If you are working on your laptop and it gets discharged again and again, then you will face a lot of problem while working. Not only this, due to the disturbances during work, you will not be able to complete the work on time. This problem gets a little worse during the winter season. If you are working-from-home and your laptop is also facing this problem, then now we are going to tell you its solution. Actually, we have brought some such tips for you, after following which the battery life of your laptop will increase by 20 to 30 percent and you will not need to charge it again and again.

keep brightness medium

If you work on the screen of the laptop with full brightness, then stop doing this. Actually doing this can cause problems in your eyes as well as it drains the laptop battery quickly and you will have to charge it again and again. If you want to use the laptop for a long time, then set its brightness level to medium and start working on it.

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Play movies and games on desktop

If you enjoy watching games and movies on your laptop along with work, then stop doing this because watching videos and playing games consumes more battery, so do not do this and play games on desktop Watch more movies so that your laptop will be able to work longer.

delete heavy files

If you have heavy files downloaded in your laptop, then delete them immediately because this makes the processor have to work harder and the battery consumption also increases, so if you want the laptop’s battery to last longer, then delete heavy files. Delete immediately.

cache delete

If you do not know how to delete from your laptop, then start doing so because it puts pressure on the processor, which increases battery consumption, so it is important for you to delete it from time to time.

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