Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will be the new US Ambassador to India! President Biden nominated

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US President Joe Bidney has appointed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the new US Ambassador to India. The White House has given information about this. Garcetti, 50, will succeed Kenneth Juster, the current US ambassador to India, after getting approval from the Senate, the upper house of the US parliament. “I look forward to working with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to strengthen the relationship between the world’s oldest and largest democracies,” tweeted US House of Representatives member Brad Sherman. Announcing Eric Garcetti’s name along with several other ambassadors, the White House said that he has been mayor of the City of Los Angeles since 2013 and has had a wonderful experience. The Los Angeles Mayor’s Twitter account tweeted, “Today, the President announced that I have been nominated on his behalf to serve as the US Ambassador to India. I am honored to accept the nomination to serve in this role. Let us tell you that the current US Ambassador to India, Kenneth Juster, was appointed during the time of former President Donald Trump. However, earlier this week Juster was appointed as a Distinguished Fellow on the Council on Foreign Relations.

[Attribution to NBT]

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