Man sentenced to four months for slapping French President Emmanuel Macron

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A court on Thursday sentenced a 28-year-old man to four months in prison for slapping French President Emmanuel Macron. He describes himself as a right-wing or ultra-right ‘patriot’. The court also barred Damien Tarel from ever holding public office in France and from carrying arms for five years. He slapped the President on the face on Tuesday when he was meeting people. During the hearing held on Thursday, Tarel said the attack was done on impulse and there was no pre-planning for it. During the hearing he sat upright in the court in the southern city of Vallance and did not show any expressions. The court convicted him of committing violence against a person holding a public office. He has been sentenced to four months in prison and given a suspended sentence of 14 months. After the verdict, his girlfriend started crying.

defended slapping
Tarell, while slapping the president, slammed the centuries-old royal war and described himself as a right-wing or ultra-right patriot. Also told that he is a member of yellow jacket economic movement which took place in 2018-2019. He strongly defended his actions and his views against Macron and did not say which policies he wanted France to change. He said, ‘I think Emmanuel Macron represents the downfall of our country.’ Macron did not comment on Thursday’s hearing but stressed that violence can never be justified in a democratic society. French President Macron was slapped on Tuesday during a visit to Valence, a small town in southeastern France.

[Attribution to NBT]

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