Marvel's Iron Man VR Review – Not Quite Invincible

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As probably the most beloved superheroes, Iron Man is almost as recognizable as another character in popular culture at the moment. Despite his success in movies and comedian books, online game prosperity has up to now eluded Marvel’s icon. With Iron Man VR, developer Camoflaj enables you to step into Tony Stark’s energy armor as you fly, blast, and quip your approach by means of more missions spanning the globe. Iron Man VR provides you all of the thrills of saving the day, however even early in the journey, it’s simple to note the cracks in the armor.

You assume the position the favored Avenger who has served as one in all Marvel’s most iconic characters for years. Once you don the Iron Man swimsuit, you employ PlayStation Move controllers and the PSVR headset itself to dictate how and where you fly. Tilt the controllers behind you and also you hurtle ahead, and alter route by adjusting the angle of your arms and where you’re trying. Flying ahead feels intuitive and terrific; every time I used to be rushing alongside a linear path, I really felt like a succesful hero.

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Combat in Iron Man VR is great. Using the movement controllers to access Iron Man’s full arsenal of weapons really made me really feel like I used to be one in all Earth’s mightiest heroes. Whether I used to be blasting waves of drones with Stark’s signature repulsors or unleashing a livid wave of lock-on missiles at a shocked adversary, Iron Man VR successfully makes you’re feeling like the person in the swimsuit. My favourite mixture to drag off was to floor pound a hovertank from the sky, then whereas it’s airborne from the shockwave, melting away its armor with a chaingun, and ending it off with a cluster bomb. Chaining together combos to take down ferocious foes by no means ceases to fulfill, and I always regarded ahead to testing my purpose and improvisation in the more intense firefights. If issues get too bushy, defeating enemies charges your unibeam, an superior final attack that may stage the playing ground and shift the percentages in your favor whatever the scenario.


Most missions happen in open areas, requiring you to finish targets whereas heading off waves of enemies. As you flip in any respect angles and regulate your peak, the frantic tempo might be disorienting. The controls are imprecise should you bodily flip around (and away from the sensors), however the one different is utilizing the buttons to manually flip and readjust the digicam, which totally ruins the thrilling sense of presence the sport is meant to create. Even close to the end of the campaign, as I started to really feel like an specialist in the flight controls, I usually went hovering into partitions and struggled to maintain up with the more nimble bosses, preventing in environments stuffed with beams and pillars. These encounters hardly ever resulted in my defeat, however they went on far longer than they held my curiosity.

Tony Stark is more than simply Iron Man. Between missions, you are taking management of the sophisticated man behind the iron masks. In these sections, you progress around by deciding on waypoints in the setting and teleporting. While Stark’s mansion has enjoyable Easter eggs and inconsequential minigames, essentially the most worthwhile use of your time at house is customizing your armor. In addition to getting new paintjobs, you should utilize earned ability points to unlock upgrades. These enhancements vary from velocity boosters and quicker well being regeneration to varied new weapons. While I barely observed the velocity benefits granted by these upgrades, my two loadouts played very in a different way from one another by the end of the sport because of the various number of auxiliary bombs and weapons out there to equip.

During these closely restricted in-between moments, you get a glimpse into the lifetime of Tony Stark, the interior struggles of reconciling his past as a global arms vendor along with his want to be a heroic beacon for the world, and the way his conclusion have an effect on not only these he cares about, however these he doesn’t even know exist. That premise serves because the backdrop to the story, because the supervillain Ghost seeks to avenge these killed by Stark Industry weapons utilizing her hacking abilities and high-tech swimsuit. This assault on each fronts of Tony’s life results in compelling conditions and enjoyable moments, even when Ghost’s sidekick, Living Laser, feels ripped from a Saturday morning cartoon.

As an enormous fan of the iron Avenger, Iron Man VR has me torn. I like the sensation of placing on the long-lasting swimsuit and destroying waves of enemies, however for each moment I felt like a seasoned superhero hovering into action and taking down the unhealthy guys, the finicky flight controls made me really feel more like somebody who snuck into Stark’s workshop to take the swimsuit for a spin with no prior practice. Iron Man VR delivers a enjoyable journey for followers of Marvel’s iconic hero, but it surely too usually feels hindered by the virtual-reality automation reasonably than elevated by it.

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