Mehul Choksi Case: India Tells Dominica Court, ‘Mehul Choksi’s Claim of Relinquishing Citizenship is Bogus’

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The businessman, who had been absconding from Indian banks, has Indian citizenship and the application for relinquishing citizenship was rejected. Indian authorities have said this in the affidavit given to the Dominica High Court. They say that Choksi’s claim of relinquishing citizenship under the Citizenship Act 1955 is false. The affidavit states that Choksi’s claims are bogus and he is still an Indian citizen. It states that the claim of relinquishing citizenship is contrary to Indian law and is false. It has been said in the affidavit that India has raised the issue of cancellation of citizenship with the Antigua and Barbuda government because it has got citizenship on wrong grounds. This affidavit has been filed by the Consular Office in the High Commission of India. It said that Choksi is wanted in the list of Indian law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes committed in India. The CBI, which is probing the PNB scam case, has also filed an affidavit in the Dominica court opposing Choksi’s bail plea. The affidavit states that Choksi is the mastermind behind several companies and that he along with others received the money through unfair means. The CBI has told the court that the Interpol has also issued a red notice on the complaint of the Indian government. Dominica High Court has rejected Choksi’s bail plea.

[Attribution to NBT]

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