Mental patient in Kenya cut his penis with knife, was troubled by ‘marriage problems’

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In Kenya, a 45-year-old mentally ill man cut his penis with a knife used in the kitchen. It is being told that this person had also stopped taking medicines for a long time. The man who cut the penis was troubled by the problems of marriage. The family came to know about this incident after about 16 hours. After which the victim was rushed to the hospital.

The patient was worried about sex problems
The doctors who treated the man said that the patient was brought to them 16 hours after the incident. He also said that the family members had also brought the amputated limb of the victim. Doctors told that the man was worried about sex problems with his spouse. After which the mentally ill man decided to cut off his penis.

Report published in medical journal
This entire incident has been published in a medical journal. However, no information like the name or address of the victim has been given in it. It was told in this report that at first the doctors decided to add the severed part of his penis. However, he had to change his decision as the amputated limb was delayed and not kept properly.

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The chopped limb was lying in the open for 16 hours
Doctors told that his amputated limb was lying in the open for about 16 hours. In such a situation, the chances of him getting infected were very high. If the doctor forcibly attached that organ, then the rest of the victim’s organs could be infected. In such a situation, if there was permanent damage to his urethra, then a urostomy bag may have to be applied. The loss of blood or sepsis could have resulted in the death of the patient.

Saved patient’s life by stopping bleeding
The doctors did not say how much blood had come out of the patient’s body nor how he stopped the bleeding. Surgeons from Egerton University in Najoro wrote in Urology Case Reports that the patient had not been taking his medication for a long time. The doctors took him to the operation theatre. There they cleaned his organ to prevent infection and stopped bleeding.

Falcicide is the name given in the medical language
The journal reported that such injuries are rare. Patients who commit such acts are usually psychotic, hallucinatory or drug addicts. In cases where a man attempts to cut off his penis with the intention of committing suicide, this is known as falsecide. Doctors are able to reintegrate only those sexes that survive to become infected.

[Attribution to NBT]

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