Most powerful antibody made against corona, 1 thousand times more effective on virus

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German scientists have given great news to the world troubled by the havoc of Corona virus. Scientists claim to have developed a powerful antibody from sheep’s blood. These antibodies can effectively inactivate the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) responsible for Covid-19 and its new lethal forms.

Will deactivate Corona 1 thousand times
Researchers from the Germany-based Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Biophysical Chemistry have reported that these micro-antibodies can inactivate the corona virus a thousand times more than such antibodies developed in the past. The report related to this antibody research has been published in the journal Embo.

Preparations for clinical trials begin
The researchers said that preparations are currently underway to conduct clinical trials of these antibodies. He said that these antibodies can be produced in large quantities at low cost and they can meet the global demand related to Covid-19 treatment. It is noteworthy that antibodies help the body’s immunity. They inactivate the virus by sticking to it.

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Corona still wreaking havoc around the world
The corona virus infection that started from December 2019 has not stopped yet. Corona, which took different countries at different times, is now spreading rapidly in the countries of East Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia. In Kerala, India, the cases of corona virus are increasing rapidly once again after the second wave.

Pakistan is also facing the fourth wave of Corona
Pakistan is suffering from the fourth wave of corona virus. In view of the fast pace of infection, Sindh province has even implemented a strict lockdown. At the same time, Pakistani President Arif Alvi is advising people to be alert by tweeting. Pakistan has also banned people from traveling on domestic flights without getting vaccinated. The Sindh government has even threatened to block the mobile sims of such people.

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