NASA shared a unique picture of the ‘rings’ of the black hole, people said – ‘Hey, this is a cartoon!’

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With the name of a black hole, a dark black shape comes to mind, around which there is a circle of red, blue-like light and a jet of radiation is coming out from the middle. A unique picture of a black hole has been prepared with the help of the US space agency NASA’s Chandra X-ray Space Telescope. In this, many rings are visible on the side of the black hole. At the same time, when this picture was shared on Instagram, people called it the ball of Pokemon cartoon. With the help of this observation, new information was received about the dust present in our galaxy. About 6 years ago on June 15, 2015, a feature named Light Echoes was detected in a system that was caused by the formation of high-energy rings from X-ray bursts. These light echoes are created when X-rays emanating from a black hole collide with the dust clouds between it and Earth. Located about 7,800 light-years away, this black hole draws matter from a star close to it. This matter shines in X-rays. Because of this, astronomers call it an X-ray binary system. An image of Chandra was combined with optical data from the Pan-STARRS telescope, allowing the stars to become visible. Each ring is made up of X-ray flashes detected in 2015 that collided with clouds of dust. NASA has said that celestial dust is like smoke and consists of small solid particles. When waves and rays collide with them, astronomers can find out many things, such as the behavior of black holes or the matter present in the middle.

[Attribution to NBT]

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