NASA spacecraft discovered traces of water on Mars, evidence of rivers in pictures

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A spacecraft of the US Space Agency has sent evidence of (). After analyzing it, scientists have told that water used to flow on the surface of Mars 2 billion years ago. Salt Minerals on Mars, which came with this water, are still present in the way of its flow. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has also sent pictures of minerals present in the path of water flow on the surface of Mars. Scientists believe that millions of years ago there was a huge reservoir of rivers and ponds on Mars.

microbial life likely
Scientists at the Caltech Institute said that the presence of water on Mars raises the possibility of microbial life. As the atmosphere of Mars became thinner over time, the water present there evaporated away. Due to this Mars turned into a desert. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is trying to understand this atmosphere of Mars.

Water was present on Mars 2 billion years ago
It is generally believed that the water of Mars evaporated about 3 billion years ago. But, two scientists studying data collected via MRO on Mars over the past 15 years have found evidence that significantly shortens that timeline. His research showed that liquid water existed on Mars between 2 and 2.5 billion years ago. This shows a difference of about a billion years compared to previous estimates.

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The salt left over after the water evaporates
Research published in AGU Advances on December 27, 2021 states that chloride salt has been found in the flow path after water evaporated from Mars. The shape of some of the basins on Mars indicate that water once flowed on this planet. Solid salt found on Mars has become the first mineral evidence to confirm the presence of liquid water.

Many questions arose from the new discovery
The discovery raises new questions about how long microbial life can survive on Mars. Giving examples, scientists said that where there is water on earth, there is existence of life. In such a situation, the search for evidence related to life on Mars will have to be accelerated.

There is a plan to establish a human city on Mars
Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, wants to establish a human city on Mars. Musk has predicted that his company SpaceX will be able to take humans to Mars within the next 10 years. Musk recently made this bold claim on the Lex Friedman podcast. Musk reiterated his idea and said that humanity should become a ‘multi-planet species’.

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