NASA’s James Webb Telescope seen from Earth, 1.6 million kilometers away from Earth

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New York: The US Space Agency () of () is visible from Earth for the first time. This telescope is currently 1.6 million kilometers away from Earth. In the first picture, the James Webb Telescope looks like a star. This picture has been captured by the Virtual Telescope Project in Rome in its powerful camera. James Webb is going to start sending pictures from June this year. This telescope was launched on 25 December with the help of Ariane-5 ECA rocket from Kourou Launch Station in French Guiana. The Virtual Telescope Project reported that a robotic telescope was used to take pictures of James Webb. Project Manager Gianluca Masi said that our robotic telescope has tracked the apparent motion of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). This telescope was at a distance of about 1.4 million kilometers from us at the time of taking the picture. The image released shows the James Webb telescope with an arrow in the red circle. In the picture, the telescope is seen scattering light like a small star.

This telescope can be seen with binoculars
NASA said that you will need a telescope to see the James Webb Telescope. You can see this telescope in clear sky at night, provided you know where to look. Lee Feinberg, Webb Optical Telescope Element Manager at NASA Goddard, said in a webcast event on Monday that you can’t see it with the naked eye, but if you have a telescope, it will definitely be visible.

Telescope made by three agencies
It is jointly made by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. NASA’s new telescope has a golden mirror, which is about 21.32 feet in width. This mirror is made by joining 18 hexagon pieces made of beryllium. Each piece is plated with 48.2 grams of gold, so that it acts as a reflector.

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Telescope was launched on 24 April
This telescope is quite different from the old Hubble. Unlike Hubble, when a fault occurs, it can be repaired from the earth itself. It was deployed a day after NASA launched the mighty Hubble telescope into space on April 24, 1990. After being there for about a month, Hubble opened its eyes for the first time on May 20, 1990 and sent a picture of a part of the sky from space.

[Attribution to NBT]

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