NATO’s war on Ukraine will be a major disaster for Russia, America has deployed 100 nuclear bombs

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who is threatening the US-led NATO countries with nuclear war on the ongoing tension with Ukraine, is not going to be easy. America has kept 100 atomic bombs in ready condition in 5 countries of Europe. These countries are- Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey. Not only this, to fire these nuclear bombs, America has also deployed other fighter planes including F-16 on European bases. Apart from this, America has also sent its B-52 nuclear bomber to Britain’s air base in view of Ukraine tension. America is also preparing its new atomic bomb B61-12 very fast, which will be deployed in Europe by the year 2023. These nuclear bombs can be dropped from America’s deadliest F-35 fighter planes. America has kept this fortification of Europe for a long time in view of the threat of attack on Russia’s NATO countries. The main principle of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is collective defense. This means that if any third country attacks NATO countries, then every member will have to come forward to protect it.

NATO vs Russia, know the power of both
If we talk about spending on defense, then America has spent twice the total defense expenditure of other NATO member countries. In the year 2021, the US defense budget stood at $ 705 billion. Along with shedding the most money in the field of defence, America also has a huge destructive weapon and a huge army. In the year 2017, America had 1.3 million active soldiers and 865,000 soldiers were in reserve. Britain is the second largest defense spender among NATO countries. It is followed by Germany, France and Italy. If we talk about the power of Russia, then under the leadership of Putin, Russia is included in the category of powerful countries of the world. According to the Washington-based Heritage Foundation, Russia’s arsenal includes 336 intercontinental missiles, 2840 tanks, 5,220 unarmed vehicles and 4,684 artillery guns. However, some modern technologies like drones, radars, satellites are lagging behind in the matter of surveillance. Russian journalist Pavel Felgenhauer says that we have weapons, including long-range weapons. But our surveillance system is still weak in comparison to attack power.

If there is a war in NATO-Russia, who will be the winner?
According to research published in the year 2019 by the Royal United Services Institute, if war breaks out with Russia, the British army will largely lag behind in Eastern Europe. The research found that Britain’s military and its other NATO allies have a severe shortage of cannonballs and explosives. This means that if Russia launches a full-fledged attack, they will not be able to defend reliably. However, Britain will not have to fight the war alone against Russia. Russian military watcher Alexander Gault told DW that the US, NATO’s biggest player, has a huge advantage over Russia in terms of conventional forces. Russian journalist Pavel agreed with Gault’s conclusion but said predicting victory in a war between NATO and Russia was like a football match. He said, ‘Yes, actually Brazil should beat America in football but I have seen many such matches in South Africa where American players beat Brazil. Until the game is played, you cannot predict its result. The same applies to the war between NATO and Russia.

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