New iPhone 13 models will come with bigger battery, but how much will be the backup? Learn

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The Apple iPhone 13 series is currently the talk of the world as the upcoming flagship series is expected to pack several upgrades including the next-gen processor. Furthermore, the upcoming iPhone 13 smartphone will reportedly pack a bigger battery than its older models. At least, a new report claims so.

iPhone 13 series will have bigger battery

The big battery talk on the iPhone 13 has been going on for a while now. iPhone models have comparatively less battery capacity than their Android counterparts. A new report by ZDNet suggests that the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have bigger batteries than the iPhone 12 series. In addition, the report has revealed the battery capacity of the three models. The report states that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will get a 4,352mAh battery pack, making it the biggest battery backup ever on an iPhone. In comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a battery of 3,687 mAh. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 base models will reportedly house a 3,095mAh battery, which is higher than the 2,815mAh capacity of the iPhone 12 model. Lastly, the iPhone 13 mini is said to pack a 2,227 mAh battery, which is much bigger than the 2,406 mAh battery on the iPhone 12 mini.

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iPhone 13 With Bigger Battery: How Long Will It Last?

As mentioned, the battery capacity on the iPhone has been comparatively low. However, complaints against battery outages have been few. This is due to the optimization of the Bionic A chipset under the hood. Reports suggest that the upcoming A15 processor for the iPhone 13 model will extend the battery life by around 20 percent. This definitely makes the iPhone 13 pack one of the best battery backup ever on any iPhone. If your iPhone is lasting a day on a single charge, the latest iPhone 13 model may last a little longer or its battery drain may be a bit slow. In addition, Apple is reportedly looking for smaller components for its future devices. This gives designers more room to promote battery backup across Apple products, including the iPad and Mac lineup.

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