News of explosives near the bridge connecting America and Canada, investigation continues

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On Monday, there was panic after suspicious substances were found at the border crossing between Canada and the US. There has been a apprehension about the material found at the Ambassador Bridge border crossing between the two countries that it could be an explosive substance. During the inspection, the administration found suspicious items inside a vehicle. After this the border was closed on both sides but later all the roads except Vindot Street were opened. The matter is still being investigated. Windsor Police say Canada Border Services informed them that there could be explosives in the vehicle inspection area. Police said that investigation is going on now but no direct threats have been made regarding this. The area around the bridge that connects Windsor, Ontario and Detroit has been evacuated. Police say traffic has been rerouted to the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel and the Blue Water Bridge. Police say bomb disposal squad is on the spot. This bridge is very important in terms of trade between the two countries.

[Attribution to NBT]

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