Not Mansukh, Sachin Wajhe had parked the Scorpio car, a ‘terrorist’ conspiracy was hatched to earn a name

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The National Investigative Agency (NIA) has made a big disclosure in its charge sheet. A gelatin-filled Scorpio was placed outside Mukesh Ambani’s building Antilia on February 25. Till now the story was coming out that this vehicle was in the name of Thane businessman Hiren Mansukh, while NIA has disclosed in its chargesheet that this vehicle was sold by Mansukh to Sachin Wajhe and it was with Wajhe since December, 2020. .

Vajhe had asked not to reveal the secret to the seller of the car.
Before the Antilia case, the crime branch was with Sachin Wajhe himself. Later it was transferred to ATS. According to NIA, Sachin Wajhe had told Hiren Mansukh that if the ATS asked questions, then the car seller should not tell this secret to him.

Case went to NIA and it happened Hiren Mansukh Murder
The case was transferred to the NIA after Hiren Mansukh was murdered and Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis surrounded the state government in the assembly on March 5.

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Vajhe himself was present at the post-mortem of Hiren Mansukh.
According to the NIA, on March 5, when the post-mortem of Hiren Mansukh’s body was being done at CSM Hospital in Kalwa, Sachin Wajhe himself was present there.

Gelatin and threatening letters in Scorpio
only left
The NIA has claimed in its chargesheet that Sachin Vajhe himself had kept the gelatin in the Scorpio vehicle. He was driving this car. He had also left a threatening paper in this vehicle, which was addressed to Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani.

Hiren Mansukh had sold Scorpio to Vajhe,
The Scorpio car was sold by Hiren Mansukh to Sachin Vajhe. Meaning, this car was officially owned by Sachin Wajhe.

The government Innova behind the Scorpio also belonged to Wajhe
The special thing is that behind this Scorpio car was an Innova vehicle, it was the official car of CIU, that is, it was also the vehicle of Sachin Wajhe, which was being driven by the driver of CIU.

Innova’s driver said – Sachin Wajhe kept him in the dark
The driver told the NIA that Sachin Wajhe kept him in the dark in this matter. Wajhe only said that this is a secret operation of CIU going on. After that Sachin Wajhe went some distance and changed all his clothes and got the driver changed clothes too.

Hotel room booked for 100 nights to execute Antilia scandal
In its chargesheet, the NIA has written that Sachin Wajhe had booked a room of 100 nights in a South Mumbai hotel to carry out the conspiracy of Antilia incident.

To earn a name, Vajhe hatched a conspiracy for the Antilia scandal
The NIA says that Sachin Wajhe was out of the police force for nearly 16 years because of the Khwaja Yunus case. He conspired for the Antilia scandal to earn a big name soon.

Vajhe himself parked the car near Antilia, reached first
The NIA says that on February 25, the Scorpio car was parked there by Sachin Wajhe himself. After some time, when Mukesh Ambani’s security personnel saw this unclaimed vehicle and the news started making headlines, Sachin Wajhe himself was the first to reach the spot so that the investigation could come to him.

Wajhe got the case re-registered in the crime branch on the same day.
The special thing is that in this case the FIR was registered in Gaondevi Police Station as Case No. 35/2021. But Sachin Vajhe re-registered the case with the crime branch number 40/2021 on the same day, so that he i.e. Vajhe himself could become the investigation officer of this case.

[Attribution to NBT]

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