Now Japan will also buy nuclear submarine to compete with China? Controversy started between Prime Minister candidates only

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To deal with the increasing aggression of China, there is talk of buying a nuclear submarine in Japan. Opinions on the purchase of a nuclear submarine are also divided among the four candidates for the post of Prime Minister of Japan. Of the four Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leaders who are wrestling to succeed Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, two are in favor of buying such weapons, while two are against.

Taro Kono told that it is very important for Japan
Japan’s prime ministerial candidate Taro Kono said he supports a nuclear submarine plan for his country. He said that having a nuclear submarine is very important for Japan as a capability. Taro Kono is currently the Minister of Administrative Reforms and also in charge of vaccine distribution. We also need to understand whether its operating cost is feasible for us or not, he said.

Sane Takachi also counted the merits of support
Another candidate, former Interior Minister Sane Takachi, also supported the nuclear submarine. He said that if we think about the worst case scenario, then we must have a nuclear submarine. I believe that our nuclear submarines can protect us by traveling longer distances at sea. Explaining the characteristics of nuclear submarines, he said that these submarines can remain hidden under water for a long time.

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Four candidates for the post of Japanese PM

Fumio Kishida said – no need
On the other hand, Fumio Kishida, the third candidate and former policy chief of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), expressed the opposite view. When I think about Japan’s national security system, to what extent do we need it? Kishada said that patrolling the surrounding areas only, so they see no need to have a nuclear submarine.

Seiko Noda categorically refuses by stating Japanese nuclear principles
Seiko Noda, the fourth candidate and acting LDP’s acting general secretary, said that I have no intention of having such a capacity. I want to clarify that we are a country with three non-nuclear principles. Referring to Japan’s long-standing principle, he said that we will not allow nuclear weapons to be possessed, nor made, and even allowed to enter our borders.

Strict laws have been made in Japan regarding nuclear energy
According to Japan’s Atomic Energy Law, the use of nuclear energy will be limited to peaceful purposes. The number of personnel in the Japanese Navy i.e. Japan Maritime Self Defense Force is continuously decreasing. New recruits consider working in a submarine the worst. Because, during this time they cannot even use their smartphone.

[Attribution to NBT]

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