‘Once the British used to abuse Indians, today they lick our shoes for IPL’

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New Delhi
Once again the issue of racism is hot in cricket. Despite his dream debut at Lord’s Test, Ollie Robinson was banned by the English and Wales Cricket Board. It is alleged that Robinson had made apartheid tweets eight years ago, including indecent comments on women. After this, now similar old tweets of other cricketers are also coming out. According to the engineer, the ECB did absolutely right. Sharing his past experiences with The Indian Express, the engineer also described himself as a victim of racism. The 83-year-old legend revealed how he too had to face abusive comments during county cricket in England. When Farooq first went to play county cricket for Lancashire in the early 60s, he was seen with a different eye there. Being an Indian was made to feel humiliated. According to the engineer settled in England, at one time the British used to abuse Indians. Former England Test opener Geoffrey Boycott openly called Indians as Bloody Indians. The engineer said that since the IPL started, the British’s behavior towards Indians became good, they fell in love with India. Known for his outspoken statements, the veteran former cricketer did not miss to say that the British now lick our shoes for money. The former India star criticized the British Prime Minister. His jump in the whole controversy was condemnable.

[Attribution to NBT]

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